Aug 27, 2010


Hello again, blogging world!
The other day, my husband (Adam) commented that I hadn't posted a blog since April, and I didn't believe him.  But sure enough, he was right.  As he is much of the time.  Typical.
I didn't want to post anything on my blog until I had finished an interview (if you have no idea what I am talking about, read my previous blog.  The one from April).  Well... interviewing seems to be a more time consuming project than I thought it would be, and therefore I have only completed one.  But!  I am almost finished typing it up and will be posting it shortly. 
Anyway... all that to say that I figured I should give my "readers" a little something to "chew" on before I begin posting my "interviews."

My friend, Seablanket, has been encouraging her readers for sometime to make goals for themselves; and I have decided to do just that.  Here are 3 goals that I would like to accomplish before the end of 2010:

Finish Things I Start:
I honestly feel that sometimes its difficult for me to finish things that I start (or maybe it's just that it is difficult for me to get momentum).  But I want that to change.  And how, you might ask, am I going to change?  I am going to make a goal for myself to finish things I start.  First, I am going to finish typing up that interview.  Then, I am going to create a shower curtain.  Yes, a shower curtain.  And, when it is done, I am going to put that shower curtain on a rod and drape it over my new bathtub in my new house.  My first house with my wonderful husband.  And then every time I look at that shower curtain, I will remember that "I made that!  I took the bull by the horns!  I finished that!"  DIY here I come!

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I love to write.  Specifically, I love writing poetry and music.  One of the reasons I started blogging was so that I would be made to write more often (little good that did me... but I digress).  But writing takes time, and time is not something I usually have a lot of.  Well, my friends, lack of time is no excuse for not doing something you love... I will make time!  I am going to commit to clear enough space in my schedule to finish five songs this year.  Here's to creating!

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In the his book The Four Loves C.S. Lewis says that "Friendships are the least natural of all the loves; the least instinctive, biological, gregarious and necessary" in the eyes of society, and are therefore the most ignored of the loves.   Many times we simply ignore the opportunities to spend time with friends after more "instinctive" loves come along.  
After I got married eight months ago, I began finding it more and more difficult to spend time with anyone other than my husband.  You know the drill... love, then marriage, then attached at the brain.  I love my husband very, very much - but I also think that it is imperative to the health of a person's soul that he or she cultivates friendships.  
So, as my third goal, I want to to spend at least one night a week with a close friend.

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I'm going to try very hard to stick to these goals that I have set for myself, and I encourage all (eight) of you to create some short term goals for yourself.  Lets start growing together!