Jun 20, 2011


On Friday, Adam and I made an offer on a gorgeous house.
A 1600 sq. foot, 2 story, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house.
ANNND... the offer was accepted (without being countered!) by the owners.

Hot-diggity!  We are so blessed.  This house is LITERALLY everything we wanted in a home.  Down to the exterior paint color; and we never thought we would be able to afford a house like this.  Not in a million years.

The home is short sale, so now the offer that we made goes to the owners' bank for processing and acceptance. This process could take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months.  But we're in it to win it.

Here are the photos of the house... there aren't any pictures of the upstairs yet.

On another note... It boggles my mind that agencies don't use hi-resolution photos on their websites. They must know something I don't.



Jun 16, 2011

Oh, The Fickle Human

Adam and I have had an amazing last few weeks.  We've been seriously blessed.

First, the dramatic raises.  Then (on the same day) a house-down-payment-gift-check from a family member which arrived in the mail (whoa!).  And finally, after a very long wait and a lot of hard work... we got a home loan pre-qualification.  Which very obviously means we can buy a home.  Which we plan on doing.  Which means that we are officially adults... or something like that (this could explain why I've been wearing button-up shirts all week.)

It's been such a good week; but for some reason, we are so exhausted.  I find myself so overwhelmed with all the things that are happening around us.  One minute I'm overjoyed, and the next I find myself in a frazzled rage.  My poor husband is so patient with my crazy outbursts of feeling (sometimes, I think he is interested in my emotional nature like a scientist is interested in specimens from another planet.  He doesn't really understand it... but it's so fascinating!)  To be fair to myself, and at the risk of sounding sexist... hormones are probably at least partially to blame for my "Gravitron of explosion-emotion."  But, also... wherever there's change, I find that there are usually strong feelings hiding not too far behind.

Jun 14, 2011

Ladies' Day Out

Yesterday afternoon, I got to spend some really good quality time with my wonderful friend Bruk of Bruklyn Belle Vintage.  Bruk and I met the first week of high school as very scared (and very unfashionable) freshman.  She sat in front of me in science class and her incredible, gorgeous, curly jet-black hair partially blocked my view.  Then she asked to sit with me at lunch (I still don't know why...).  The rest, oh dear reader, is history.
Both of us have been super busy lately and haven't gotten much of a chance to see each other (more to come later on the reason WHY Adam and I are so busy, but I digress); so yesterday, I visited her and we went out for a photo shoot!  Talk about blast from the past.  We went to all of our old favorite photoshoot places and lo and behold!... They weren't fun anymore.  So we found a brand new place where we could make some brand new memories.

The following photos have been unabashedly stolen from Bruk's blog:


 Funny story from this week.  Adam and I were talking about how Bruk has a good head on her shoulders... how she's straight and narrow, so to speak; and Adam accidentally said "She's got a good foundation on 'er" which, of course sounds like a hillbilly pick-up line.  And then I started singing "She's a briiick Hoooousee."

And then we laughed really hard.