Jun 16, 2011

Oh, The Fickle Human

Adam and I have had an amazing last few weeks.  We've been seriously blessed.

First, the dramatic raises.  Then (on the same day) a house-down-payment-gift-check from a family member which arrived in the mail (whoa!).  And finally, after a very long wait and a lot of hard work... we got a home loan pre-qualification.  Which very obviously means we can buy a home.  Which we plan on doing.  Which means that we are officially adults... or something like that (this could explain why I've been wearing button-up shirts all week.)

It's been such a good week; but for some reason, we are so exhausted.  I find myself so overwhelmed with all the things that are happening around us.  One minute I'm overjoyed, and the next I find myself in a frazzled rage.  My poor husband is so patient with my crazy outbursts of feeling (sometimes, I think he is interested in my emotional nature like a scientist is interested in specimens from another planet.  He doesn't really understand it... but it's so fascinating!)  To be fair to myself, and at the risk of sounding sexist... hormones are probably at least partially to blame for my "Gravitron of explosion-emotion."  But, also... wherever there's change, I find that there are usually strong feelings hiding not too far behind.


Bruklyn Belle said...

How could you possibly look that angry?! Did Adam shoo you?

Markie said...

Hahaha! It is my inner crazy slowly making its way out.

serendipitously.create said...

That is sooooo me!!!! I feel the same way about my hubby as far as my emotions go. Patient as a saint too - good thing God had our back in that area right *winks*

Ashley said...

I love this! especially the pictures!

April said...

Markie... that photo series is a masterpiece. Goodness.

Also: "...this could explain why I've been wearing button-up shirts all week." <--- Lines like this 'could explain why' yours is one of my favorite blogs : )

Markie said...

Thanks everyone!

And April, double thank you! I hand drew all the elements of the photo montage and taped them to the wall while my huzbin took pictures. It was so fun!
And for some reason... I thought you might appreciate that line. I enjoyed writing it:)

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