Apr 19, 2010

Inspiring Spring

Lately, I have been inspired by the movie Marie Antoinette. I think it must be that the joy of spring is starting to rise - but the colors and tone of this movie create a longing inside me. A longing for beauty, walks in open fields and, most of all, those nummy petit fours.


Anonymous said...

I ADORE this film as an art piece! Have you seen the film, "Bright Star" ? It is BEAUTIFUL! You should definitely watch it! You will fall in love with the pure perfection each scene is made of! (or at least I did!) :) Like your blog very much!

Markuerite said...

No, I haven't seen "Bright Star"... I will have to watch it. Thank you for the recommendation and for the compliment! I wanted to start blogging so that I could write again. I enjoy it very much, and I never had a reason to... now I do :)

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