Apr 6, 2010

Scrumptious Somethings

Life… sometimes it feels like we don't do anything. We move, we work, we eat, we sleep. We love - fail - try again or don't. There's never enough time. We crave time. Time for those hidden loves - for expressions that are waiting for us to slip through the boredom and walk toward fresh air. But we push through to find something to push through to find something to push through.
Then suddenly, over the in-between, there comes that moment when we realize we mean something - of only to those few or that one. That moment when it happens. Where all our nothings add up and burst open to reveal the truth: they were very carefully planned.
That is what this blog is about… the in-betweens and the scrumptious somethings that we live for.


Anonymous said...

hey markie, cool blog. looking forward to reading more in the future.


Artistic Housewife said...

welcome to the blog world, so excited to hear your "voice" and celebrate life with you!

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