Dec 11, 2010


Hello all,
As you can see, I have been inspired by videos lately.  I'm a little sick, and I have found secret medicine... It's called "YouTube."  Looking up pretty videos always helps me forget that my nose is pouring nastiness, and my head feels like it's stuffed with cotton balls.
I've been thinking lately about how wonderful it will be to sing my children to sleep someday.  I remember the special feeling that I would get when my dad sang me to sleep with the lullaby that he wrote for my sister and I.  I can't remember all the words to that lullaby right at this moment, but sometimes (especially when I am really focused on a task... like cooking, or filing) all the words will come back to me, and I'll start singing it.  It makes me feel like a little girl again, all safe and tucked in "burrito" style.  I want my children to be able to feel that same warmth and love... and I think this is the perfect lullaby song.  


April said...

That's so sweet that your dad wrote you two a song : )
(this week, I just started an iTunes playlist for guitar songs to learn... and some of them definitely have this purpose in mind) <3

Markuerite said...

Yeah... now, looking back, it was very sweet. I would always ask him to sing it for me.
That is exciting!
I love the sound of the guitar... my plan is to begin to learn how to play when I get home from our Christmas trip. I play piano... but I lead worship at our church and I think it would be beneficial for me to learn to play guitar. I'm jealous that you already know how to play :)

Markuerite said...

Also... thank you for the comment!

Ashley said...

It is a great thing to sing to your kids. I try to sing to the girls. I just might have to learn this one :) so pretty!
It is really sweet because Violet has starting singing along to a lot of the songs we listen to in the car. She sings "you make beautiful things, you make beautiful things out of the dust-you make beautiful things, you make beautiful things out of us" it actually melts my heart a little.

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