Dec 16, 2010

One Year

The year is coming close to an end, which means that my one year anniversary is also almost here.
I can't believe I've been married for a year already!  Adam and I were married New Year's Eve, 2009; and it was magical, partyin', hip-hoppin', vintage inspired, and beautiful.

If you know any part of our ushy-gushy love story (barf, right?), you know that it is pretty amazing that we are together at all, let alone married to one another.  Let's just say, us meeting and falling in love was definitely a God thing.  We were completely and utterly brought together in the strangest and least expected of times... as usually happens when God is in control of a situation :)  Marrying Adam was the best decision I have ever made; and I look forward to our future together, our growth in faith, and all the experiences that we will share over the years.

In honor of our upcoming anniversary, below are some photos of our wedding.  In the next few posts, I will be sharing pictures of our first year together, and chronicling some of the fun things that we have done along the way.

We are way too cute for our own good... so maybe get your disgusted faces out?  That way, you'll be prepared.

I hope that everyone has a VERY happy Christmas.  We are leaving for the CARIBBEAN today, so I won't be posting for a little while :)  I'll get a tan on behalf of you all... well... that is, only if the sun can get through the SPF 50 that I will be applying every 2 hours.


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