Feb 24, 2011

Things I Want Thursday

Warning: In the following post, I may sound like a little bit of a winer.  I don't mean to sound that way.  Sometimes that's just how it comes out.

I have iPhone fever.  I've never really been "into" electronics; but then I married a web developer, and well... the nerdiness just kind of rubs off on you.  I've been so frustrated with my phone lately.  All it does is make calls... and who wants to do that?  Talk to people?  Yuck.
I want something snappy... something (shhh) sexy.  Something awesome.  I want a phone that has apps.  Apps that let me pretend I'm drinking beer... or that let me shoot a gun or light a match.  Apps that let me play games in which birds kill green pigs.  I want a phone that can predict that I am going to spell the word "congeal" in a text... instead of first guessing, for some reason, that I want to spell "Annie"...  (hello... it's not even the same amount of letters!).
Nope.  Nothing else will do.  I want a bona-fide-waste-my-time-heck-of-a-device Apple iPhone.

The practical part of me knows that it will probably just all be a waste of time, not to mention more money.  But the part of me that is ridiculously emotionally driven doesn't really care.  It's high time that I step into the future, bite the bullet, (wait a year until my contract expires) and just do it.


Ashley said...

I want one too. I never really cared for a long time. But lately I want one. Maybe someday :)

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