Feb 28, 2011

A Poem That I Had Forgotten About

Tonight, I pulled this poem out of somewhere inside of me.  From where exactly, I'm not sure.  I wrote it four years ago, then completely forgot about it; but tonight I started randomly quoting lines from it (inside my head, of course).  It's not super good or anything, it was just my thoughts at a point in time; and interestingly, my current thoughts are very similar to what I was feeling at the exact moment I wrote this.  Weird how life takes us in circles sometimes.

On Forgetting 

I have forgotten...
there is depth in your action.
I am in this place where thoughts fuzz
but when I look beyond the curtain, beyond everything,
I know you are there.
In that crevice where I shove you.
Expanding like frozen water.
Rocking me like a sleeping child.
And that is enough for me.
Good, faithful, and everything real.

You are greater.


Bruklyn Belle said...

Lovely, Markie! I just found one of the first songs I ever wrote and I had a whole new appreciation for it. Love ya girl!

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