Mar 3, 2011

"Back to the Future" Feature: Irina Werning

If you want to see something amazing, dreamy and fascinating, take a look at Irina Werning's photography project entitled "Back to the Future."  And no, it doesn't have anything to do with DeLoreans.
In this project, Irina Werning (the master behind the camera) asked her friends and family to re-enact their childhood photos.  In looking through the pictures, I was amazed at how little people change over the years!
Here's a taste.


April said...

Love the bathtub shot!!!

Bruklyn Belle said...

I love the hula girls! Kala and I were talking about doing this but never got around to it :)

Ashley said...

These pictures made me laugh! So AWESOME!

Markie said...

I love them so much! What a good idea, heh? Genius. And so awkward.

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