Mar 14, 2011

10,000 and One

No one that I know is really talking about what is happening in Japan. I mean, they are posting facts about it on Facebook, but it feels like nobody quite knows what to say when one sees them in person. We all know on an logical level that what happened was terrible, but it is so hard to connect to a disaster of this magnitude from across the world (even for me, and I might be one of the most emotional people you will ever meet.) All the news stories feel so lumped together and sterilized. I can't comprehend a possible 10,000 deaths in one day. I can't comprehend the destruction (even though I went to Mississippi for 5 months to aid in Hurricane Katrina relief.) It's all too big to understand.
What made it "hit home" for me was reading a news story here about a 60 year old Japanese man named Hiromitsu Shinkawawho who was adrift at sea for 2 days after the tsunami hit. To paraphrase the article, after the earthquake hit, he and his wife went home to gather a few possessions when they saw the giant wave coming.  It was too late to escape so they tried to scramble up to the roof.  As the tsunami hit their home, Mr. Shinkawawho tried to grab onto his wife, but she got caught up by the water and was swept away. He couldn't save her. No person could have. That is what is scary about all of this... it is beyond our control. I can't comprehend 10,000... but I can comprehend one; and it is enough to break my heart.

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