Mar 12, 2011

Etsy Feature: Bruklyn Belle Vintage

I have been loving my friends an extra amount lately.  After you get married, it seems that you and your new spouse make this unspoken pact that you will be hermits together for the next year. (It is in this same pact that I agreed to stop shaving and Adam vowed to grow a scraggly beard.  If you are going to be hermits, you might as well go all the way.)  But then, after you emerge from your cave, smelling like old feet, you start craving friendships again.
This is where I am at in my life at this moment - just emerging from said cave, pasty white and in need of people.  One of the first people I began spending more time with (post hermit) was my awesome, totally foxy, fashion-forward, lovely-music-playing friend Bruk.  (Again, real friend.  Not blog friend.  Also in my wedding).
Bruk's tenacity inspires me.  I pretty much feel like she could do anything.  She has a beautiful Etsy shop called Bruklyn Belle Vintage (for which I may or may not have modeled in the past, ahem.)  You should go there.  Just a warning: you might not be able to handle it.  She has a knack for finding amazing vintage pieces, and as I said before, she is super foxy.  You might just buy everything in her store.
You've been warned.


Bruklyn Belle said...

Thanks girl :) That's super sweet!

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