Mar 9, 2011

For The Love of Cake

I am so tired of this diet.  No sugar, no flour, no gluten, no dairy, no garlic, no eggs, no fun.

But I can't quit.  So what do I do?  I live vicariously through this blog. (And through my husband - who routinely stuffs food in his face, not of his own free will, but because he is made to do so by a certain crazy, starch-starved wife).

I want to eat things like this:

So, please, do me a favor tonight.  If you can eat wonderful, sugary, gluten-filled pastries, do it.  With me in mind.  For the love of cake!


Ashley said...

Oh Markie! I am so sorry about your lack of cake eating. :( I just looked up that blog and oh my! Make me want to bake something yummy. And maybe I will.

Markie said...

I know, right!? Oh my goodness. So yummy looking.
You should bake something. Do it for me.

April said...

I happened to make a fun recipe tonight that you might be able to eat too-- veggie lasagna (with zucchini instead of noodles)! I'm already cringing at how long of a comment this is going to be.

Pour two jars of spaghetti sauce (can you find any garlic-free?) into a pan and simmer so they reduce to about 75%. (If you're in a meaty mood, add some ground turkey or ground turkey sausage during this step... yummm)

While the saucy stuff is simmering: dice an onion & two carrots, saute them in a separate pan. Once they've started to cook a little bit, add a diced red bell pepper, 6 diced mushrooms, and a couple big handfuls of shredded spinach. Add some salt & "Italian Seasoning," and fresh basil if you have any. The last three ingredients should shrink quite a bit as they cook. Kind of fascinating : )

Cut two zucchinis into 1/8"-thick strips (I find this a lot easier to do if I cut them in half lengthwise first).

Cover the bottom of a lasagna pan with half the spaghetti sauce. Then slap on some zucchini "noodles." Then spread on all of the sauteed veggie mixture. Then it's zucchini's turn again. Thennn, spread on the rest of the spaghetti sauce. Put it the oven for about 20 minutes at 350, (until it's bubbling, so the zucchini can cook a little).

If you're feeling nice, grate some mozzarella cheese while it's in the oven so the mister can melt some on top of his portion. Us & our lucky, dairy-digesting husbands.

& now I'm going to go find some candy to eat for you : )

April said...

AHHH it's so huge!! I'm sorry! haha

Markie said...

YUMM! That sounds AH-mazing.
I am going to make this.
I'll probably have to make my own sauce. But that's okay. Homemade sauce is better anyway. And it doesn't make all the pores in one's body smell like garlic :)

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