Mar 24, 2011

Swell Season: The Movie

I couldn't figure out what to blog about today, so I found myself just cruisin' around the web.  Mostly wasting time (I have a habit of only meaning to be on the internet for 5 minutes, and then zoning out for three hours while watching videos of laughing babies and looking at houses online.)  But then, I saw THIS...

and it rocked my world.

Apparently, during The Swell Season's two-year world tour, there was a documentary team filming them.  The resulting film was aptly titled "The Swell Season" and is opening on April 22nd in NYC during the Tribeca Film Festival.  It looks like it is mostly about Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova's much talked about relationship.  Yes please.

I love documentaries because it's like people watching... on steroids.  (And I love people watching.  Probably a little too much).  This documentary will be no exception.  It better find its way to our local theater, Netflix, or DVD... or I'm gonna be super mad.


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