Apr 5, 2011

Get Fuzzy

I needed a pick-me-up today... and these Get Fuzzy comics did the trick.

This comic strip features the adventures of three household pets: Fungo (the scary ferret), Bucky (the evil, wannabe-scientist cat), and Satchel (the dumb, but very sweet, dog).

In the comics below, Bucky has started spreading nasty rumors about Fungo the ferret on sticky notes that he posts all over the house and calls "weaseleaks":

I hope this uplifts your day as much as it uplifted mine!


April said...

yes, I love Get Fuzzy so much!!

Side story, my old roommate (a feisty little woman if there ever was one) got a lip ring, and from then on she reminded me of Bucky the one-fanged kitty : ) I tried to explain to her, but I don't think she got as much of a kick out of it as I did...

Markie said...

They are SO funny. Well... some of them are more funny than others. But then you find a couple like these and you find yourself laughing aloud while at work... while everyone is staring at you, wondering if you took your crazy pills that morning.

Speaking of kitties... Adam and I just reached a compromise yesterday. I want a cat SO bad. And he hates them. So we are going to get a bunny. It has to be cuddly, and house trained (which I had no idea you could even do!) Exciting.

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