May 20, 2011

As Promised

Baby fever takes over your brain like a BORG (those of you who don't know what a BORG is... you are probably better off not knowing.)  It infects you with its sly tricks.  It reels you in.  Every time you see a baby it says "Oh... look how cute and cuddly this baby is.  It is so sweet and warm... and, what's that... it has a beautiful baby smell?  Don't you like that baby smell? If you do, repeat after me: I WANT A BABY."

But I know better.  I know it's cute now... but as soon as that baby gets out of my earshot, it will start pooping and screaming.  Then, when it gets older, it will throw up on its parents, get them sick, color on the walls with permanent marker, get in fights at school, argue, and become a teenager.  At that point, it will do the most dangerous thing of all: develop its own free-thinking personality.

I know all of this.

So why is it so hard to just say no to babies?
Probably because I know they will look something like this:

Adam and Me @ 6 Months Old

Adam and Me @ 1 1/2 Years Old

Adam and Me @ Two Years Old

Adam and Me @ 4 Years Old

And Adam and Me @ 6 Years Old

Oh great.  These pictures just "done me in."
I'm doomed.


Bruklyn Belle said...

Only because I know you would... shouldn't it be "Adam & I"? Haha. Also, I like the photos of when you were both one and one fifth year old :)

Markie said...

:) Sorry to lay down the grammar law... but it wouldn't be "Adam and I." The convention is that you take out the first part of the sentence (in this case "Adam and") and see what makes sense. "I at 4 years old" sounds funny :)

April said...

if one thing does give me a hint of baby fever, it's definitely looking at baby pictures of Jason, myself, and our two sisters.
(but SHHHH don't tell anyone) ; )

& you guys are gonna make some cuuuuute offspring.

Markie said...

I know... I shouldn't even look at these pictures. It makes my baby meter scale overheat and malfunction.
YOU guys are going to have some seeeerious cute kids, too! For real, it might melt my brain!

You should post pictures of you guys as children! I would love to see them.

Drea said...

Ahhhh, baby fever!!!
:) I didn't have babyhunger, but I'm having a baby in October. Hahaha.

SURPRISE, right??
Anyhoo, good luck warding off the baby vibes.

Markie said...

These things sure can sneak up on you, that's for certain! :) A lot of my friends' babies were "surprises."
Congratulations on your pregnancy! How exciting.

I should probably wear some sort of charm bracelet to ward off the baby fever, huh? To any future baby: "You don't want to mess with this... got Jesus on my necka-lace." Oh, KE$HA... I hate you and love you.

Thank you for the comment!

serendipitously.create said...

My goodness that sleep position is awful - but I remember you always falling asleep in awkward positions! Right with you on the grammar.

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