May 18, 2011

Mother's Day... Finally

Oh my fellow bloggers... I'm learning how difficult it can be to find time to write when there are so many other things going on!  But I'm determined to write anyway.

Honest blog: I've had SO many fun, exciting things happen in the last few weeks and have forgotten to write about each and every one of them... including Mother's Day (which was what... two weeks ago?).  I had amazing plans to document the Mother's Day brunch we prepared solely for our beautiful mommas.  It was going to be wonderful and insightful... but then I got so enveloped in the drama of the frittata (aka actually making the brunch), that I completely forgot to take pictures. 
Thankfully, although I lack adequate documentation to prove this "brunch" happened, it was a beautiful Mother's Day.  We had super nummy food.  And super fun conversation.  And lots of laughter.  And we got to bless our mommas, who put so much of themselves into loving us and shaping us into at least mostly functional human beings!

Since I don't have pictures of the brunch, I will give you the mom pictures that we have in our stash.  
We love you mommas!

 Little blond-headed me and my mom.  How am I so white when my mom is VERY clearly very dark?  
Blame it on my dad.  I do :)

Adam and his wonderful mom as she was leaving the hospital with his newly-born 11 lb. self.


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