Jun 14, 2011

Ladies' Day Out

Yesterday afternoon, I got to spend some really good quality time with my wonderful friend Bruk of Bruklyn Belle Vintage.  Bruk and I met the first week of high school as very scared (and very unfashionable) freshman.  She sat in front of me in science class and her incredible, gorgeous, curly jet-black hair partially blocked my view.  Then she asked to sit with me at lunch (I still don't know why...).  The rest, oh dear reader, is history.
Both of us have been super busy lately and haven't gotten much of a chance to see each other (more to come later on the reason WHY Adam and I are so busy, but I digress); so yesterday, I visited her and we went out for a photo shoot!  Talk about blast from the past.  We went to all of our old favorite photoshoot places and lo and behold!... They weren't fun anymore.  So we found a brand new place where we could make some brand new memories.

The following photos have been unabashedly stolen from Bruk's blog:


 Funny story from this week.  Adam and I were talking about how Bruk has a good head on her shoulders... how she's straight and narrow, so to speak; and Adam accidentally said "She's got a good foundation on 'er" which, of course sounds like a hillbilly pick-up line.  And then I started singing "She's a briiick Hoooousee."

And then we laughed really hard.


Bruklyn Belle said...

Lookin' good giiirl! I have more photos if you like! But your hair is in front of your face in most of them :) ALSO, thanks for calling me straight and narrow. Haha. Love you!

darby said...

I always love finding new places to take pictures! And I love your outfit!

Markie said...

We found this really pretty barn off the side of the road where the lighting was beautiful. And thank you! Also... welcome to my blog! Thank you for following :)
Have a great day!

April said...

You ladies are stunnahs!! & photoshoots are the best : )

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